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Announcement: 2017 PEC online registration is now open
Announcement: Registration for INSET for Administrators opens on October 18

The online registration for the first batch of the Institute for Private Junior High School Administrators and the Executive Course for Education Leaders will be open starting October 18, 2017.

For this year, we have separate training programs for the Junior High School and Senior High School Administrators.
The following table has the details.

Some important reminders:

1. Registration will open at least 45 days before the scheduled training in the schools’ respective regions.

2. Schools are allowed to register only in the training in their respective regions, except for schools in Regions III and IV-A which may attend the training in NCR.

3. In case the slots run out, there will be a special training schedule that will be announced in the future.

4. The registration closes one week before the training. Payments must be made before the registration closes. Otherwise, it will be considered as a walk-in registration. Payment details are in the Confirmation Slip that will be generated after registering.

5. After the training, participants are required to accomplish an evaluation form at PEAC.ORG.PH. The Certificate of Participation may be downloaded after accomplishing the form.

6. Continuing Professional Development units will be issued to licensed participants who will complete the training.

Estrada and Aquino Law presents WirEd 2.0

Estrada and Aquino Law will host the second Web Impact Redefining Education Policy forum or WirEd 2.0 on November 24, 2017 at the SMX, Bacolod City. WirEd is a fast-paced forum where thought leaders on matters of technology and the internet and policy influencers on student and academic landscape get together. The forum will focus on discussing issues related to the internet, the social media, and cyberspace.

Forum Speakers include, Atty. Joseph Noel Estrada, EA Law Managing Partner, Atty. Teresa Aquino, EA Law Senior Partner, Ms. Rhodora Angela F. Ferrer, PEAC Executive Director, Mr. Dante Ang II, President and CEO of the Manila Times, and Mr. Jose Policarpio, President and CEO of JTP Learning Solutions.

To register, please go to You may also view the program here:

Announcement: SHS VP shifts to annual billing

Secretary Leonor Briones has approved the PEAC’s proposal to implement an annual billing for the SHS Voucher Program. Schools no longer need to submit billing statements on a semestral basis.

There is no need to recall all the billing statements that have been submitted to the PEAC Regional Secretariat. The PEAC National Secretariat will make the necessary adjustments in the amounts in the billing statements submitted to accommodate this new directive. For billing statements that are still on process in the school level, please be advised the schools to delete them from the system and create a new one starting October 12.

Please be guided accordingly.

Announcement: PEAC Regional Secretariat in Region 11 is now based in the University of Immaculate Conception, Davao City

The PEAC RS in Region 11 is now based in the University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC) in Davao City. Sr. Marissa Viri, RVM, PEAC Regional Program Director, has designated Dr. Asuncion G. Ravago as the Regional Program Coordinator. Dr. Ravago will supervise the day-to-day GASTPE program implementation and RS operations in the said region.

Starting October 2, 2017, the GASTPE program participating schools in Region 11 are advised to coordinate program-related concerns, including the submission of billing statements, with the PEAC RS in Region 11 with office address and contact details below.

For the GASTPE program management, it is the policy of the PEAC to appoint the Regional Program Directors (RPDs) who serve as co-chair of the Regional Program Committee (RPCom) in their respective regions. Moreover, the RPD is also responsible for appointing the Regional Program Coordinator (RPC).

PEAC Regional Secretariat-Region 11
Main Campus
Fr. Selga St., Davao City
University of the Immaculate Conception

Contact numbers:
(082) 221-8090 loc. 130; 09951704662

Email address:

Announcement: WirEd 2.0 on November 24 at SMX, Bacolod
Web Impact Redefining Education Policy 2.0

Advisory: Creation of billing statements for the SHS Voucher Program

Pending the completion of validation processes being undertaken by DepEd ICTS to ensure that all QVRs for SY 2017-2018 would appear in the Voucher Management System, the facility for the creation of SHS Voucher Program Billing Statements is not yet available. All schools are advised for the meantime to complete the enrollment of their students in the Learner Information System. Rest assured that the VMS will open as soon as the PEAC gets clearance from DepEd.

As for the unbilled students in the 2nd Semester of SY 2016-2017, DepEd is still doing a validation before tagging them as QVRs. The schools concerned will still be able to bill DepEd for the affected QVRs.