Research (RISE Program)

The PEAC invites research proposals under the Research and Innovation for Success in Education (RISE) Program. For 2016-2017, research proposals that are of particular interest are those that are in support of policy formulation, review, and implementation that contribute to improving access of every Filipino to a complete quality basic education and to ensuring the preparedness of every graduate for further education and world of work. More specifically, the Research Committee shall prioritize research that contribute to the following outcomes:

-Effective implementation of the Senior High School, including the SHS Voucher Program

-Effective implementation of the Education Service Contracting (ESC) for private junior high schools

-Effective implementation of other GASTPE program components and related activities such as the Teacher Salary Subsidy (TSS), In-Service Training (INSET), and ESC Certification

The PEAC National Secretariat will accept proposals until August 31, 2016. For inquiries, please call (02) 840-6006 or (02) 840-6000 Loc. 171 or 170.